When the White Dove Speaks

It’s the end of the world…Merry Christmas!


By the way…you’re dead.

But before you go to heaven, or anywhere else, do you mind saving the world? It won’t be hard. You’ll have the help of a dishonest cop, a hooker, a drug dealer, and the meanest old lady in the entire solar system. But that’s okay, you’re a ‘can do’ kind of guy, right? By the way, pay no attention to the latest headline…


In one of the most stupendous failures of modern times, Jack Mackie has failed to save the world. Making wrong decisions right from the outset, Jack failed to guide his group of people to Washington.

In Washington the President is mere moments away from launching a nuclear strike that will destroy civilization. There will be starvation and sickness and mankind will become extinct. There is some argument as to whether the next race to inherit the earth will be dogs or monkeys.

As far as Jack and his group go, we’ve already forgotten about them.

That’s the headline, Jack. Better get started now.

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