The Machina Series 


(Deus ex Machina ~ L.: God from a Machine)

A CRAZED ARAB will lift his thumb in Los Angeles and cause a nuclear detonation. That will cause ‘The Big One,’ an earthquake of such massive proportion that half of California will slide into the ocean. Then something really bad happens.

A NEW SPECIES is building cities to the stars, gathering mankind for food, and building armies for the final battle.

A SMALL BOY must save the people of New York, shape them into an army and fight his way across the country.

TWO MEN must raise an army out of the rubble of Los Angeles. The boy needs them. In a new reality their only attribute is that they have raised the definition of schizophrenia to a new level.

AN OLD HIPPY practices Tai Chi Chuan on a ranch in New Mexico and slowly goes insane.

ON A RANCH in New Mexico, an old hippy from San Francisco practices Tai Chi Chuan and slowly goes insane.

THE FINAL BATTLE will take place on a bridge in San Francisco. Armies will come together and mankind will fight against total extinction.


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