Almost a Dragon

All he had to do was grow his wings!

The First Book of the Wizard and the Dragon Trilogy

DANIEL HARCOURT GRANDSILL The world enters a new age and Daniel splits into three versions of himself. The version that is most him is tasked with giving a dragon back his wings. But to do that he must become a Wizard!

GANZL, one third of Daniel, is a great and powerful Wizard, and he has been given an impossible task: he must make Daniel into a Wizard.

FFFF is a lowly snake in one age, but in the new age he is a Messenger of the Gods. But what’s a messenger without wings? Daniel and Ganzl are willing to help him recover his wings…but can a snake trust a human?

This is NOT your basic find the magic sword/ring/whatever and save the world fantasy. This is humans at their best and worst, this is a philosophy of men and magic, this is a history of Dragons and Gods.

This is a unique saga of dragons, magic, and a new age under attack.

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Almost a Dragon!



The reality inside an egg!

DANIEL HARCOURT GRANDSILL must kill himself. It’s the only way to become a great and powerful wizard. Fortunately, two thirds of himself is in agreement.

TAYLONFEY is an Elvin who wanted to kill Daniel, but he has lost his faith. It’s easy to kill somebody if they have no faith, but how do you kill somebody if you’ve lost your faith?

GARLUNKEL is a Darvin who wouldn’t mind killing Daniel, either. 

SSZZT is a Dragon about to come out of his egg. He guides Daniel in his attempt to kill himself, and in this he breaks the One Rule of All Dragons: Don’t do anything. When Dragons break this rule the universe suffers.

At a high mountain keep Daniel will come face to face with himself. The elements will rage and men will die, for this is what happens when Wizards go to war. And in the midst of the horrors of war a truth will come out: A being more powerful than the Gods is coming after Daniel.

An amazing tale of a world gone insane, people with secrets, and the truth of a Dragon.


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The Dragon’s Egg!



The final battle!

DANIEL HARCOURT GRANDSILL must take an army to Armadragon for the final battle. The army consists of an insane Wizard, an evil Wizard, a Wizard who has lost his faith, a mutant Wizard, a female Wizard who hates him, and a Wizard who has failed.

KING WILL’M was a meter maid in the old age, but in the new age he is more powerful than the Gods. But to truly beat the Gods he must do one thing: kill Daniel. He has put together vast armies of Elvin, Darvin, Ogen, Trolls and Humans to do this.

ARMADRAGON! A mythical mountain in a lost desert where Dragons are safe from humans, where Gods dare not interfere, and where Daniel Harcourt Grandsill has one chance to save the universe. To take that chance, however, he must rely on his army of Wizards…and that army is broken.

Armies clash, Wizards wage war, and the future of the universe hinges on the secret of the universe. That secret is hidden in a book that was written in a lost age. It is a book that only a human can read, but never understand.

An amazing story of villains who can, Dragons who can’t, and Wizards who shouldn’t.


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