MONKEYLAND ~ Another word for freedom…

THE ULTIMATE TERRORIST She calls herself Betty Boop, and she is threatening 600 innocent children with nerve gas. What she doesn’t know is that she is providing the motivation for an entire people to come together. 

INDIVIDUAL COURAGE His name is Tom Erickson, and he must rescue 600 children. To do so he must come face to face with Betty Boop; he must look her in the eyes and find out what has driven her to commit her heinous crimes.

THE FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY His name is Elwin Jones, and yesterday he was a car mechanic. Today he must hold off the United States government long enough to rescue 600 children…and in the process put together a new country.

A REAL WORLD Self serving politicians, heroic police contained by an incompetent bureaucracy, a news media that must choose between fact and fiction.

AND IT COULD HAPPEN! The author lived in Los Angeles during the ‘Rodney King’ riots. He smelled the smoke and heard the gunshots.

This is the first volume in the Monkeyland Series.

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