Lobo Love

A tale of furry and ferocious love

SARAH BRIGHTMAN is a research student in the Alaskan wilderness. One day, while out walking, she comes across a naked man chained to a tree.

HANDSOME JOHNNY says he was shipwrecked and forced to make a contract with a female werewolf. Now his contract is up and he wants to be free. Sarah, of course, knows that thee is no such thing as werewolves.

LATIVIA is a lovely gal with eight nipples, and she wants Johnny back. She will chase him from the wilds of Alaska to civilization.

Only a woman

with love in her heart

and knows her prayers aright

can cure a wolf

when the wolfsbane blooms

and the moon is full and bright.

Somebody is about to find out the power of…LOBO LOVE!

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Lobo Love