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A cell of white terrorists take 600 children hostage. The police are stymied, politicians are helpless, the news media is totally compromised.

The citizens of South Central are going to have to rescue their children themselves, and in the process found their own country.

This is a rip snorter of a novel, you can check out the five star Amazon reviews below. The important thing to note is that this is not a racist novel, but a novel about racism.

Racism is ignorance, plain and simple. My job was to present both sides fairly, to have the characters balance in their goods and bags, to have actions complement not obliterate.


Brand new cover! ZOWIE!

Where this novel came from…

Back in 1974 I was kidnapped (drafted) by the United States army. I was stationed in Oklahoma for artillery survey school. Which meant I would be a forward observer, sneaking into enemy territory to point the way for bombardments.

One day I returned to the barracks, walked in dripping wet (it was raining), walked across the floor, and stopped, and looked around in shock.

On one side of the barracks was a contingent of mean looking blacks. On the other side of the barracks was a mean contingent of crackers. I had walked in on a race riot about to happen.

Apparently the Black Panthers were going around and talking to black army troops, recruiting them to their beliefs. For whatever reason, a bunch of white guys took exception, words were tossed carelessly but pointedly, tensions were about to crack, and mama Case’s boy had stupidly walked right into the heart of the explosion about to be.

“Hey, hey!” I blurted. “What is this, a race riot?”

Now the funny thing is that truth can defuse a situation.

And, truth, neither of these groups of 20 year old blacks and whites wanted to fight. Things had just gotten out of hand.

Somebody chuckled.

Somebody said shut up.

Somebody laughed.

Then there were a bunch of sniggers, and we all started laughing.

Just in time, because Mama Case’s boy was about to leak all over his combat boots.

So now guys are laughing and making jokes, a few serious discussions are happening, and the leader of the blacks, a big, muscular guy comes up to me, puts his arm over my shoulders, and walks me off to the side.

Truth, he was relieved. He was there to talk politics, not fight a war.

And he says to me: “You’re the one. Man, you’re the one, ” and he shook my hand.

 Shortly afterwards the Black Panthers were gone, and I was left sitting on my bunk and thinking. “I’m the one.”

Several decades later I am writing a book, and things are going through my head. 

One of them was the old Syd Fields advice: Open the curtains and have a guy walk onto stage, put a bomb under a chair, then walk off. Close the curtains, open the curtains, and commence the play.

In other words, plant the potential of explosion in the audience’s mind, then forget about it…the audience won’t.

And I’m writing, and in my mind is this black guys voice from a couple of dozen years previous. You’re the one.

Call it weird, but it was like he had seen me, realized my potential, and called me to duty.

So I wrote Monkeyland, a massive statement concerning racism, or as I like to call it…ignorance.

High tech weapons, white supremacists gone amuck, and, of course, a government that can’t seem to get anything done.

Interestingly, as the years  roll, the book becomes more and more significant.

We have Ferguson, kids being shot by cops, cops being ambushed, and acts of ignorance – by both sides – that just don’t seem to stop.

So read the book. See if you reach the same conclusion as I concerning racism and ignorance. See if there is something we can actually do for our poor society.

Here it is on Amazon…


Guaranteed, you’re in for one hell of a ride.

Al Case





The first volume in the incredible Monkeyland Series.

The true history of planet earth is about to be uncovered…and it starts with an act of terror, an act of war, in this small community in South Los Angeles. It starts in…Monkeyland!

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Monkeyland: Another Word for Freedom

Amazon Five Star Reviews

Anonymous rated it five stars!?????

Where to start… I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It starts out with white supremacist terrorists taking over a predominantly black school and holding the hostages for ransom. The school takeover and subsequent callousness of the terrorists actions, however, is merely the backdrop for the books main story, and that is an awakening of personal responsibility on the part of the members of South Central. I liked how the author gave voices to both sides of the racial/political divide. While reading, the characters had great depth to them and I can’t wait to continue the journey through the Monkeyland series.

Kenny rated it Five Stars!?????

I ended up loving it. After the first chapter I wasn’t sure if the book was for me but thought I’d give it a chance. After the second, I read it all the way through the same day. It’s a page turner. Beware, you won’t get much else done the rest of the day so read it when you have spare time.
Jeanne rated it five stars?????
White supremacists take over a school and hold students hostage. The terrorists are sophisticated enough to take over the airwaves, the police are contained by an incompetent bureaucracy, and the only way to save the children is for the citizens of the neighborhood to rally together.
While I loved the writing, the evil in this book was almost too difficult to endure. Later, when I turned on the evening news, there stood a congressional representative spewing hate. So, I guess the premise of this book is not too far off from what is happening today. The author lived in Los Angeles during the Rodney King riots and conveys the sight and the smell of those riots throughout this book. The only criticism I have is the insertion of the so called “love story.” The building relationship between a hardened terrorist and an authority figure contradicts the premise of this book.
I believe that the author successfully summed up “Monkeyland” with the following: “When neighbors decide not to be friends, when blacks and whites decide that their skin color matters, when the beast rolls over, crushing right thinking people with its ponderous belly . . . then such places as Monkeyland come into existence—and then there is hell on earth.” Al Case, Monkeyland.


Peggy Roberson rated it five stars ?????

From the very beginning of this book, my heart began to beat a little faster, until it was pounding, a couple of pages into the story. This book is such a nail-biter, with such a fast-moving plot, that I devoured this book as fast as I possibly could. With a writer as talented as Mr. Case, who couldn’t take one of his books, see what subject he took on this time, and find out what magic he wrote in between the covers?? I happened to win this particular book from Goodreads, but that has no bearing on my review. If I found one of his books at the bookstore, I would grab it in a heartbeat!! He is one of the masters of storytelling, in my opinion. Mr. Case flits from subject to subject, and no matter what he writes about, he does so with such brilliance!! This is a book not to be missed!! Do not be mislead by the subject matter. That’s all I can say without being a spoiler!!


Robert Grieco rated it?????

If you could get passed the “raciness” of this book, it’s one helluva read. Extremely well written with an outrageous story with some outrageous characters. Whether good or bad characters – They’re all very likable. Mr. Case puts you right in the middle of the action/scene. He’s written this book so that you’re right in the middle. I’ve found a new favorite author to include with King, Koontz, Patterson, Grishom, Woods, etc…..

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