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A Few Stand Alone Books

pok the protectorBookCoverImagewerewolf romance novel



Pack ~ There’s a new race in town!

When the White Dove Speaks ~ Merry Christmas…at the end of the world.

Lobo Love ~ Check out the teeth on that girl!


The Machina Triology

haunted house mystery seriesapocalyptic novelmachines of the gods


Part One ~ The Haunting of House ~ a crippled boy holds the secret!

Part Two ~ Machina (pt 1) ~ An atom bomb is detonated in Los Angeles, that sets off ‘The Big One,’ then something really bad happens!

Part Three ~ Machina (pt 2) ~ Reality has been destroyed, mankind is on the ropes, the only hope is a ten year old boy who is on the wrong side of the country.


The Monkeyland Series

Monkeyland is published, other books in the series are available on kindle only. They will be published in paper soon.

science fiction book

science fiction epic

sci fi novel

science fiction story

science fiction book


Part One ~ Monkeyland ~ The citizens of South Central Los Angeles decide to have their own country.

Part Two ~ The Bomber’s Story (comes in two parts) ~ Who really owns the United States?

Part Three ~ The Lone Star Revolt ~ Could a Hitler take root in the United States?

Part Four ~ Yancy ~ The fate of the world rests in the hands of a lone Texan.

Part Five ~ Return to Monkeyland ~ The most powerful weapon in the universe is used, and the terrible secret of Monkeyland is revealed.


A Few More Stand Alone Books

homeschool writing book

pig latin dictionary for kids

how to teach algebra 

How to Teach How to Write ~ The cold hard facts, and some amazing writing exercises nobody has ever heard of!

How to Make Your Own Secret Language ~ This book will make your child play with words the way he plays with video games.

The Simple Truth About Algebra ~ It’s not hard, it’s so simple it’s stupid.

The Wudan Assassin Series



hero covassassin covhero:assassin covPart one ~ Hero ~ Mankind is about to be destroyed…we need a Hero.

Part Two ~ Assassin ~ For a thousand years he has protected an ancient religion, now he’s not feeling too well.

Part Three ~ Avatar ~ Heaven is about to be destroyed…we need both a Hero and an Assassin.

Spiritual Books

holistic yoga raja hatha


neutronic philosophy poetry

Black Belt Yoga ~ Organizing Yoga so the student doesn’t just find his belly button…but the whole darned kit and caboodle!

Neutropia ~ Poetry from the beginning of life.

Neutronics ~ Why the world is, why you are, why anything.


Stand Alone Novels

Martial Arts Books


Other Works

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  1. Robert Grieco says:

    Thought you might be interested in the review I just posted on goodreads:

    If you could get passed the “raciness” of this book, it’s one helluva read. Extremely well written with an outrageous story with some outrageous characters. Whether good or bad characters – They’re all very likable. Mr. Case puts you right in the middle of the action/scene. He’s written this book so that you’re right in the middle. I’ve found a new favorite author to include with King, Koontz, Patterson, Grishom, Woods, etc………

    Thanks for a great friggin’ book!!!

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