This website is dedicated to the books of Al Case.

Al is a true renaissance man. The inventor of Matrixing logic and Neutronic philosophy, he is also the author of scores of novels, short stories, poetry, music, texts on mathematics and writing, and, of course, a dedicated martial artist for over 50 years.

Following is a basic menu. Go to the item on the menu for complete listings of his works.

On some of the works you will find the rather fascinating ‘story behind the story.’

And, this site is currently under construction. There is much here, but there is much more coming.

Have fun, and welcome to a unique, modern genius.


Short Stories



Other Works

Martial Arts (separate website ~



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  1. Robert Grieco says:

    Thought you might be interested in the review I just posted on goodreads:

    If you could get passed the “raciness” of this book, it’s one helluva read. Extremely well written with an outrageous story with some outrageous characters. Whether good or bad characters – They’re all very likable. Mr. Case puts you right in the middle of the action/scene. He’s written this book so that you’re right in the middle. I’ve found a new favorite author to include with King, Koontz, Patterson, Grishom, Woods, etc………

    Thanks for a great friggin’ book!!!

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