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Yoga has worked for thousands of years. 

But what if it was streamlined, made more logical, and worked ten times better?

That is the point of this Yoga duology by Al Case.

Yogata (The Yoga Kata)

yoga asanas holistic approachAn amazing idea, one wonders why no one has thought of this previously.

The normal way a Yoga class is taught is a student is given a posture, and then drilled and drilled.

This method works, but it is slow, and it ignores the fact of the body as a whole. 

Using Karate training concepts the postures of Yoga are arranged in a complete sequence. The student travels throughout eh postures, much like Tai Chi, but stopping to increase the stretch and breathing cycles. This is incredibly more efficient than the old method. The student learns faster, all parts of the body are treated equally, and there is MUCH less danger of damaging the body.

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Yogata (The Yoga Kata)

holistic yoga raja hathaBlack Belt Yoga

Yoga is re-arranged in belt level, the same way as Karate. This is a superior method for structuring the postures and asanas. It provides a better platform for the newbie, and insures that students are not overwhelmed or damaged by teaching that is too fast.

Guaranteed, Black Belt Yoga will increase learning speed, and with less danger to the body.

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Black Belt Yoga

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