Writing a Conspiracy Novel and the Bomb Truck Drove Up

Conspiracy Novel Mirrors Life

I was writing my whomper stomper conspiracy novel, ‘The Bomber’s Story, the TV was on in the other room, and suddenly I heard that a bomb truck had driven up to Channel 7!

Whoa! That was exactly what I was writing about!

epic conspiracy thriller

What the Bomber knows…would it drive you insane?

In my conspiracy novel I have a man report a bomb, then walk into a TV station and request to be interviewed. ‘Oh, I’m not blowing up buildings…I just know where 99 more bombs are.” And the police arrive, bringing with them…a bomb truck.

In real life a fellow wrote ‘Bomb’ on the side of his panel truck and drove up and asked to be interviewed.

Geez. Talk about fiction mirroring reality!

In the book, the bomber is a nice and polite young man name of Bob. He doesn’t consider himself a terrorist, merely a businessman brokering information. He doesn’t want to hurt anybody, but he is in business, and…

Not your normal terrorist, eh?

The thing is, most terrorists are the same. They are small-minded fellows,  they are upset and they consider themselves small and voiceless and a belief system allows them to think they can make a difference.

In my book Bob is not small, he doesn’t have a belief system shoving him, he has just been pushed over the edge by what he has found out about the governments of the world.

Now, as to what this idiot who drove up to Channel 7 in a truck wanted, I don’t know. Those were uni-bomber days and the world was filled with idiots who were small but thought they had big thoughts.

But I know that Bob opens the door to a vast conspiracy theory, and this conspiracy is filled with  real world events, and when you find out what drove Bob insane…you might find yourself wanting to go blow up a building or two.

Nyuck Nyuck!

That’s The Bomber’s Story, on Amazon.


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