The Simple Truth About Algebra

A Breakthrough Method for Teaching Algebra

how to teach algebraGot a kid who’s having trouble with algebra? Or maybe you’re having trouble?

So how come people were using it a couple thousand years ago to build pyramids?

How did it get so complex and difficult?

The answer is in the teaching method. Simply, every teacher since Adam has tried to put his own spin on the subject. Which means that the teachers didn’t really understand it. It was confusing to them…and they tried to fix it, without ever realizing that it wasn’t broken.

The result is a pile of formulas, vast amounts of homework, and a complexity that boggles the mind.

This book, ‘The Simple Truth About Algebra,’ will take you back to the beginning, to the real reasons for algebra.

You will learn the three step formula for solving ANY basic algebra problem.

This will totally change the way you look at Algebra, and make it it one of the simplest subjects you ever studied.

Then, one of the most amazing things you will ever see, you will find that the concepts of algebra bubble up in life. You will use the simple logic you use in algebra to solve ALL sorts of problems.

Furthermore, it will give you the two step method for teaching ANYBODY how to do algebra.

No more of those hour long lectures, just the simple ability to do.

You can read more about The Simple Truth About Algebra at this Amazon link…

The Simple Truth About Algebra

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