Make Your Own Secret Language!

The Ultimate Book on Pig Latin!

pig latin dictionary for kidsWant to pry that video game out of your child’s ear? Get him or her interested in some real stuff? Like how language works?

Simply have him (or her) learn how to create their own secret language!

Let me tell you a horror story. I was tutoring a child once, and he was hopeless. He was bright, but he was dazed and confused. I kept telling his mother to limit the video games.

But he had poor mom wrapped around his finger, and he cried and whined if he didn’t get to kill a few aliens, or shoot enemy soldiers, or whatever, at least 12 hours a day.

So one day he did something really bad. I don’t know what, maybe steal his father’s car and go joyriding, maybe eat mom’s box of chocolates, but whatever it was, she stamped her foot and took away his video games.

Bingo. He turned into a genius. He started reading, actually wanted to write a book, all his grades started going up.

So you need to get rid of the vids, and get him to have some fun with things like the English language.

This book is perfect for that.

Guaranteed, he (or she) will sneer at it, toss it into the closet, and discover it in a week or two. Then the fun starts.

You’re going to catch him on the phone, whispering some strange polyglot excitedly.

Then a few weeks later, he’s going to finish a writing assignment on time. 

And he’s going to be grinning.

It all starts with understanding language, you see. And there is no better way to understand language than to take it apart and play with it.

That’s Pig Latin.

This book, ‘How to Create Your Own Secret Language,’ lays out the pig latin rules for several different types of pig latin.

You can learn basic Pig Latin, Double Dutch, Arpey Darpy, Oben Globbish, Gibberish, Backslang, Ak, and more!

Have some fun! Buy your kids some fun while teaching them! 

Click on the Amazon link…

How to Make Your Own Secret Language!

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