How to Teach How to Write (The Write Way)

This is a book on how to teach children (or anybody) how to write.

homeschool writing bookI didn’t learn how to write in school.

I cheated. I read classics comics and cliff notes. Most of you reading this know exactly what I am talking about.So how did I become a professional writer? Selling articles and blogs and publishing 80 books and…how?

Simple, I revolted against the system.

I only read what interested me, and I set up exercises to make myself a better writer.

Would you like to pry the video games out of your child’s brain and make him/her functional?

It starts with this book.

It starts with the simple exercises you can do yourself, you can teach him (or hear) yourself…you don’t need no stinkin’ teacher.

And, when you’re done, when a couple of months have passed and your child is sailing through books and writing exercises, you can give him ‘Blood and Ink,’ which is the short and concise instructions on how to be a professional writer. 

Or you can get your child a hefty copy of Moby Dick, or Great Expectations, and use your belt to make him read them, and then nail his feet to the floor and threaten him if he doesn’t write a 1,000 word report on what it means.

Let’s see, use the system that isn’t working in school, that is boring children by the millions, or try something sweet and unique and guaranteed to succeed.

Can you spell ‘no brainer?’


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