Other Works

Other Works Written by Al Case

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Make Your Own Secret Language! ~ A veritable Pig Latin Dictionary, Contains Pig Latin rules for basic Pig, Double Dutch, Arpey Darpey, Gibberish, Ak, Backslang, and more!

The Simple Truth About Algebra ~ Three step method for learning, two step method for teaching. Bypasses ALL other teaching methods and makes the subject  SIMPLE.

Neutropia (poetry) ~ A different kind of poetry; a different kind of world.

Blood and Ink ~ A Neutronic look at how to write. Quite  abit different than any other book on writing you may have read. The author has written Machina, Monkeyland, and several other epic series and novels.

How to Teach How to Write (The Write Way) ~ A precise and easy work on how to gets children to LOVE writing. They will simply not be able to resist this easy method. BONUS ~ includes the full text of Blood and Ink!

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