Why Machina is the Greatest Novel Ever Written

Great novels are usually about something that nobody has ever thought about before. This is a tough one, because every thing has been thought about before. There are five types of novels, and everything is just a permutation. Right?

Then we come to Machina. Mankind metamorphed. Those left aren’t allowed to merely struggle for survival, they must seek existence. But, in this new world…what as?

If you weren’t a man, what would you be?  What is below being a man, and what is…above? That’s what it is all about, really. Not the life and death struggle in the muck, not the choices which lower us to the pit, but the sublime Great Intention which pushes us onward and upward to…Machina.

You think you know what it is about from this blurb?


Machina is far beyond your pale, mortal thoughts. It has simply never been thought of before.

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