Why Aren’t There Any Martial Arts Novels?

I wondered this, and it is such a good question.

Of course there are a few, Remo Williams, and I suppose Mack Bolan comes to mind.

And I know there  are some anime novels.

But I want real novels! Rich with philosophy, accurate with technique, amazing with special effects that happen in the purest place of all, the human mind.

And well written with characters and plots and subthemes and relevant detail.

In the US of A we have huge markets, and the martial arts are one of the biggest markets. The martial arts movies are the only movies that actually support a whole genre. Ice skating is big, but there aren’t many movies. Olympics are big time, but movies on that are pretty rare. But a martial arts movie comes out and everybody goes to see it. Doesnt’ have to be great, but the public supports it. The martial arts are just that neat, they have just captured the whole imagination.

Being the best, being the toughest, what you have to go through to get there.

The training methods, the villains, even non martial artists can quote from the Bruce Lee movies, or discuss Steven or Jean Claude in detail.

So why not novels?

Isn’t that a weird one?

Well, we need to change all that. So take a look at the menu at the top of this page and examine some absolutely, incredible novels.

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One Response to Why Aren’t There Any Martial Arts Novels?

  1. jerome says:

    Until yours there haven’t been any “Real” Martial Arts novels because the people who include martial arts in their novels aren’t artists! They are novelists who went to a few classes to do research! They think that talking about real techniques doesnt sell. Then again look at where they go to do their research!

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