What is a Corporate Writer?

Somebody saw my site the other day, saw the phrase at the top right of the page, and asked me what is a corporate writer.

A corporate writer is somebody who writes so that he will never offend anybody.

Now, nobody ever wants to offend somebody, but there are times when you have to do the description, describe the action, and leave no prisoners. The art demands it.

And, of course, there is more to it.

Possibly my favorite, when it comes to exampling corporate writers is James Rollins. He wrote four or five incredible books, then he went corporate. Started writing spy thriller type stuff.

He went from writing thought provoking, explorations of possible science, with all the society shattering potential, to guys in black suits with unbelievable fighting skills.

From creativity to drek.

Oh, it’s good writing, but it is formulaic. Good guys and bad guys. Blow stuff up. Never offend anybody. Drek.

Possibly the best example of corporate writing comes from that great sludge of art, TV. Do you remember when (probably the 70s) the hero was a detective with a car? A really cool car?

And, that leads to Jahn Sandford, who’s hero always has a Porsche. And he even has a light and siren on the durned thing. Have you ever seen a Porsche cop car?

But it’s cool, so stupid people buy and wallow in their unfulfilled potential.

But, at heart, it is a type of writing. Nowadays you have all sorts of heroes, and they all have problems, and writers even make their heroes autistic and strange and anything just to be different.

But it’s all Drek. Sometimes good writing, sometimes bad, but always catering to people who read not for content, for provocation, for thought, but for…Gee, isn’t that cool?”

Well, I’m not that.

Anyway, more on it later. You guys and gals have a great time, and don’t forget to check out Monkeyland. Five star rating…and NOT a corporate novel.

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