What Happened to the Big Books?

I speak, of course, of books like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, or To Kill Mocking Bird, or The Godfather?

We used to have books that were rich in scope, deep in character, that revealed truths of the human nature, and entertain the hell out of us.

Now we have detectives who are autistic, or drive Porsches for their official wheels, or are hopeless drunks. Now we have tons of poorly put together and entirely illogical fantasies. Now we have a glut of romance, erotica and out and out porn.

What happened to destroy the American writer?

The answer is simple. Colleges are now designed to create liberals, and liberals are not designed to appreciate culture and history. Liberals are made into social justice warriors who push over statues and burn police stations.

And, teachers are communist inspired, so they don’t want people to have pride in their worth.

And, here comes the real reason, people have become stupid.

Perhaps you don’t remember the arguments that people need to all get trophies, doesn’t matter if they even compete…they need self esteem.

Well, the rooster has come home, and man, it sucks. Today’s young adult can play video games for hours, but he talks like Beavis and Butthead and can’t hold a coherent thought.

And, worse, if there is any inclination towards art it is carefully channeled into ‘expressing your feelings,’ and there is no intent to explore the human spirit. There is no desire to write the next Great American novel, or to write a play worthy of Willie Shakespeare.

Students are dumbed down, discouraged from actual learning, and forbidden to think critically.

That’s what happened.

So, if you don’t want a vapid discourse on how rough life was for somebody is misunderstood by the world and it’s all their fault…try ‘Pack.’

In Pack the CIA conducts an illegal experiment and releases something from the human DNA.

Are the members of the Pack human? Or alien? What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to be an earthing under the CIA and other branches of the US government?

These are real questions. Questions you won’t find in today’s morose offerings of ‘how do I feel the world is so unfair’ books.

Pack…there’s a new race in town!

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