Werewolves hiding in Alaska!

Where can a Werewolf hide?

Where can a werewolf hide? In Alaska. Heck, there’s very few people, and if one gets eaten by a wolf every once in a while, nobody going to notice.

werewolf romance

Great Werewolf horror Story

So Sarah Brightsman is up north, doing some research, and she comes upon a man chained to a tree. The man claims he’s a werewolf. Right.

So Sarah unchains hi, and so begins a taut chase through the Alaskan wilderness and down the Alaskan highway.

Sarah and Johnny on the run fro Johnnies pack, and the meanest, most vicious werewolf dominatrix you will ever see.

What they don’t know is that when they reach civilization they will find even more werewolves. Werewolves, you see, can hide right in front of civilization.

That’s Lobo Love, available at Amazon.


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