Twisted Gods is a Twisted Horror Classic

Twisted Gods, a Modern Horror Classic

When writing Twisted Gods i actually had Horror Classic in the back of my mind. I wanted it to rank up in the horror classic books, and i knew there was one secret: craft a better villain than Aliens.

horror classic novelFrankenstein and Dracula are old school, Aliens is the new.

So I needed something that ate, bred, and snarled a lot. And i did it. My villain is BETTER than Aliens.

BUT…a small problem. I was writing such twisted stuff that my hero twisted.

Man, what a tightrope. A hero who is so depraved, and yet the depravity is the secret of a growing ability to understand the alien awareness.

Isn’t that a concept? Finding out that the sicker and more crazy you are, the more aware you are?

Yet, it worked. It really worked.

The villain was so bad that the hero could be sick. And the characters surrounding the hero are so nefarious…it worked.

So, if you want to read a classic horror book, one that will be in the top horror classic novels of all time, check out Twisted Gods.

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