The Truth Behind How to Kill

The Story Behind the How to Kill Someone

What is interesting is that I was actually on vicodin, and in extreme pain, the whole time I wrote the How to Kill novel. My injury paralleled the injury of the hero, and thus the story was ‘researched,’ and based in reality.

how to kill somebodyYes, doctors do what the book describes.

Yes, cops do what the book describes.

The real question here is whether this book is a call to action.

No need. Just stay away from doctors and lawyers and cops and ex-mates and other low lifes.

And, if you do find yourself with the unbearable and legitimate desire to kill, start taking vicodin. Don’t get drunk, you’ll get sloppy. Don’t tell anybody, just rely on the dehumanizing effects of Vicodin. You’ll be fine. Your desire to be an upstanding human being, to have morals and ethics and such, will disappear. After a while you can get off the drug, and you’ll find, as did I, that it is incredibly easy to kick.

And that’s how you do it.

So the book, the blueprint, is How to Kill, and it is available on Amazon, or you could even go to your local bookstore and tell them to order it.

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