The Wudan Assassin is an Army of One!

I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but I’m the only guy in the world writing martial arts novels. Well, in English, I should qualify.

But there ain’t no martial arts novels! And the martial arts are huge! Look at the anime crowd, look at the fact that if a martial arts movie comes out, it has a guaranteed gross.

So the Wudan Assassin is a series of three novels.

The first novel establishes a hero.

The second novel introduces the assassin. Imagine an army of one, who could spread terror just by his presence, who is the only person in all of spirituality who can kill. Indeed, must kill.

The third novel is what happens when somebody attacks heaven.

The Wudan Assassin certainly has his work cut out for him!

Anyway, hope you check it out, and thanks for looking.

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