The Novel To True To Be Published

I realized, shortly on, that I would have to be published a few times before i could get Monkeyland published.

The book is too raw, deals with uncomfortable material, and frightens people.

Oddly, it is merely a prologue novel. The real scare comes later, with The Bomober’s Story and the rest of the Monkeyland Saga.

I had agents look at it, rave about it, and then die when they tried to sell it. Publishers, you see, want something safe and careful. They want to copy the success out there, and never take a chance. Or, they just want to take a chance with literature, and not real world events.

Who rules the US? What can be done about these secret rulers? And why on earth would the secret rulers want a race war?

These are scary questions, yet they mimic the world right now, and publishers are terrified of the real world.

Ah, well. The things real people say about this novel, and series of novels, are my reward.

And, someday I’ll make it to the big time, and the real meat I’ve been dishing out will get served.

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