The Martial Arts Secenes in most Novels are Silly!

It is true, the Martial Arts Scenes in most Novels are Silly.

I remember reading Three Days of the Condor back a few decades ago, back when it was Six Days of the Condor, and the villain was a brown belt. Oooo! A bronw belt! And the author hadn’t even figured out that a black belt was higher, read more deadly, than a brown belt.

And, over the years, the situation has remained lamentable. I read one of the Laurell Hamilton novels the other day, and it was obvious that the author had signed up for five lessons at a Kenpo dojo, and that was the extent of her research.

Look, when I write martial arts the techniques are sound. In The Bomber’s Story there is a basic technique that works, but totally comes undone when the hero has to use it against somebody who knows something. Pity the hero, man, he gets his…never mind.

And, in the Assassin series there is some unbelievable training drills. Read the book, try the drills, and be prepared for state of the art power to seep through your veins and make you understand what, exactly, a Wudan Assassin can do!

Anyway, don’t mean to rant, I just wish the writer’s would get it right. Great writers need to do a little research, not just spit out the words per contract.

Check out the Assassin series at the top menu, it really is state of the Martial Arts scenes, and training drills and everything!

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