The First Pa Kua Chang Novel

And, to be honest, Machina is not only a Pa Kua Chang Novel, it is a Tai Chi Novel, and a horror novel of serious intent. It is massive, over 700 pages, and the martial arts comes and goes, supporting the thing until the final conclusion, when you find out this subtle, little absorb and throw, circle and spin physicality, is to the whole novel.

And, of course, the martial arts are important to life, which is why I felt so good making a pa kua chang novel, the first American such beast, in the world.

By the Way, I’ve written near two million words on the martial arts, articles and training manuals and…novels. Which makes me the most prolific, if not the greatest martial arts writer in the world.

Remember, Machina is the first pa kua chang novel, and even tai chi chuan novel, in the western world.

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