The Danger of Corporate Books!

Corporate Books?

What, you might ask, is a Corporate Book?

To explain that, let me ask you a question. Have you, in the last few years, read a book that really made you think? Made you shiver to your toes? Intrigued you with amazing possibilities?

Have you read something like Dune?

Or the Lensmen Series?

Have you even read engrossing blockbusters like The Godfather? Or Catch 22?

The answer is no.

Today’s books are modeled after the Hardy Boys.

Some detective/ex-CIA agent/Navy Seal, who drives a cool car and loves art, is dragged out of retirement to save the world.

In between clever quips he beats up psychotic doctors who happen to be serial killers, Arabs who have sauntered across the border with a bomb strapped to their back, or moles who have embedded themselves within the US government.

And it all reads like the Hardy Boys.

In fact, it is an exact formula.

You don’t believe me?

Try reading James Rollins.

Not the Sigma Series, because that is the formula.

Read, instead, his early work: Excavation, Amazonia, or one of those.

In the early books he comes up with unbelievable plots based on incredible but potentially true science. You hang on his words, and you never know what’s coming next.

Then he went to writing the corporate Sigma novels. And he even took on Co-writers.The books aren’t even written by him!

The action becomes predictable. You can see everything coming.

That is a corporate novel.

That is when a writer has given up creativity to spout what the big corporate houses say sells.

But it is written for masses, and the masses are a dope. They wouldn’t recognize creativity if it was in a pimple on their…fanny.

Now take a look at the following video. It’s only three minutes…

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Have you EVER heard of a plot like that before in your life? I mean, isn’t that bizarre? 

It’s so bizarre that, if you are one of the bonehead masses, you will get nervous reading it. You simply won’t know what is coming.

A corporate novel is predictable.

A non-corporate novel, you never know what is going to happen.

That is the difference.

So try Machina. It’s written by Al Case, and you can find it on Amazon.

If it makes you nervous, then go back to that defective riding around in a fancy car and making you feel neat with all his clever quips.

But if it doesn’t make you nervous, if you suddenly find yourself blinking in wonder, then hallelujah, brother, you have just found something fresh and stunning and energizing. You’ve found a writer with new ideas and the ability to slap your face one way, then the other, and you’ll do nothing but cry for joy.

That’s Machina, by Al Case, on Amazon.

Have a non-corporate day.

Strike back against the corporate mindset!

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