The Bomber’s Story

Who Rules the United States?

epic conspiracy thriller

Intersting question, eh? What’s more interesting is where the idea for this book came from.

I was talking with my brother-in-law, and he told me about the perfect crime.

One day, in a small town in Northern California, a little robot car buzzed up the Main Street. Strapped on top were three sticks of dynamite.

Citizens panicked, cops were called, and the little robot car whizzed into the propane supply yard and parked under a thousand gallon tank.

A thousand gallons of propane! Can you imagine the size of the boom? It would make Oklahoma City look like peanuts!

For hours the police evacuated the town, called in robots from bigger cities, and finally sent a robot in to examine the situation.

The dynamite was fake.

BUT, in the meantime, while the cops had been busy with the fake bomb, the bad guy had walked into a bank on the other side of town and cleaned it out.

The cops sent out bulletins, blocked all the roads from town. The town being rather far out there, there was still a chance that they could catch the bank robber.

Except that the bank robber had driven out of town (in his stolen car which he drove with rubber mitts) and into the brush. He then walked to the river and floated downstream in a canoe he had stashed there.

It was a week before the cops even found his car.

Planet earth is in a fight for survival. Do you have what it takes to live?

I began to wonder about the perfect crime. This was pretty close to the perfect crime.

So I wrote this book, my version of the perfect crime.

In my book the bad guy had to get away, but, in the interests of morality and humanity, there had to be some sort of consequence.

And when you read the consequence, and see what was driving it all, zippy doo dah but you are going to have one remarkably fine day.

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I want to close with a couple of wins…

Having read at least a few thousand fiction books and series in my lifetime, I can testify that the Monkeyland series by Al Case is the best fiction series I’ve ever read.  It’s got everything.  The characters are so well-written and real that it’s just incredible.  Even with the bit characters, you will find yourself caring and wondering what will happen to them.  Al Case does an excellent job of transporting you to the locale and showing you around.  The plot is gripping — and fascinating — and completely original.  Everything from the attitude of the press, to the complacency of government and the reality and depth of people’s thought and character, is remarkably true to life. ~ Michael W.

And, a win from ‘The Bomber’s Story’…

The Bomber’s Story truly is THE ULTIMATE CONSPIRACY SAGA, as advertised!  When I read this, I just couldn’t put it down!  The ingenious blend of fact, fiction and rumor that is artfully mixed into the story proves to be excellent reading.  You might even get interested in the history of some of the real events in here (I certainly did!), but even if you don’t, the book has an excellent and engaging plot that will pull you right along from page one to the end.  Original and thought-provoking.

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