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Rogue Writer Speaks

Not Your Corporate Writer Here’s something to think about: why is Macdonalds so popular? After all, it is not good food. Barely adequate, if you think about it. So why does everybody go there? Because it tastes the same. It … Continue reading

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Introducing the End of the World…

The Haunting of House a True Apocalyptic novel The Haunting of House introduces the end of the world or, in other words, an apocalypse. Unusual that such a big, hefty book is nothing more than a prologue, but it is. … Continue reading

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Best End of the World Book Ever Written!

It Truly is the End of the World! I had an editor once, when in the process of rejecting my carefully crafted tale of fantastical fantasy, who said, ‘Nobody cares, Al. It is a truly great short story, well written, … Continue reading

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Franz Kafka and the Metamorphisis of Mankind

Franz Kafka was an obscure government official. His sense of worth was so lacking that, upon his impending death, he asked a friend to destroy everything he had written. Fortunately for us, before his friend struck a match, he began … Continue reading

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