Hi guys and gals,

Let me offer you a FREE book on how to write a novel. This book will change the way you write, and even change the way you read. You will find yourself able to understand the written word in a way that only a professional writer can. Believe me, it will enhance your pleasure a thousand times!

You will better be able to understand what books are good, and which ones are schlock. Aside from making you a better and more intelligent reader, it will save you money by telling you which books to avoid.

It’s a short book, 50 pages, and easy to read, but it will really change the way you read and write.

Also, I will notify you by email whenever I have a new book published or re-released. Also, find out about any special deals, public appearances, and just have some good, old fashioned fun!

Let me know if there is any problem with the download at:
Guaranteed: You won’t be spammed.
Have a great day!

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