Strange Days has an Al Case Short Story In It

Al Case Short Story Just Published!

Hey, I love happy news. The happy news is I had a short story, ‘The Cities Are Mean,’ published in ‘Strange Days: Midnight Street Anthology 4.

This is a big book, a very professional book, and I am surrounded by excellent authors and their funomenal stories.

The concept of the book is…(drum roll)…The End of the World!

Trevor Denyer, the fellow that sorted through the slush pile of the world to find these amazing pieces, decided upon the concept before the Corona Virus. What an amazing piece of foresight, eh?

My particular story takes place after the world is ended. It deals with hard people and hard decisions after the world has gone bad.

Real bad.

So if you want to kick up your feet and enjoy the End of the World, while the world does its Corona thing…this is the perfect book!

The book is over 500 pages, and you can get it here…


or here…

STRANGE DAYS (paperback)

Or, you can go to the publishers…


I’m on page 271, see ya there…


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