Short Stories

This page is dedicated to the short stories of Al Case

The only volume of Al’s short stories is ‘The Transformation of George Cogswell.’ Once published under the title ‘The Transformation of Frank Cogswell.’ Available on Amazon, the page is coming.

The following is a list of his short stories, a few of which will soon be published here.

The Transformation of George Cogswell

  1. Witchcraft, Demons and You (Included in Transformation)
  2. The Window of His Soul (Included in Transformation)
  3. The Cities are Mean (Included in Transformation)
  4. The Party from Hell (Included in Transformation)
  5. Lullaby (Included in Transformation)
  6. Family Ties (Included in Transformation)
  7. Of Worms and Men (Included in Transformation)
  8. Belzec and Fubab (Included in Transformation)
  9. The Transformation of Frank Cogswell (Included in Transformation)
  10. A Tale of Two Ghosts
  11. In the Hands of a Madwoman
  12. The Parting Body
  13. A God Named Zal
  14. The Call of His Hunger
  15. Sanction
  16. Of Worms and Men (part two)
  17. The Doors of Imagination
  18. Having Writ
  19. If There was a Hell
  20. When  Nothing Happens
  21. A Wild Hair
  22. The Secret of a Long Life
  23. Where Water Comes From
  24. Masters and Slaves
  25. The Professor and the Assassin
  26. The Seed of the Butterfly
  27. The Tao of Heironymous Bosch
  28. The Mid-Wife’s Tale
  29. Weidos
  30. Wet Kisses
  31. Wind Planet
  32. A Simple Solution
  33. Doors
  34. Earth on Hell
  35. Flying Pigs
  36. Belzec Goes to Hell
  37. I’m Me
  38. Jesus Knew Math
  39. Keeper of the Book
  40. Robot Catechism
  41. The Lake
  42. Disincorporation
  43. The Rocket
  44. Shelley’s Journal
  45. Little Mother
  46. Why is My Face on That Milk Carton
  47. Tiger Thumbs



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