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Here’s something to think about: why is Macdonalds so popular?

After all, it is not good food. Barely adequate, if you think about it.

So why does everybody go there?

Because it tastes the same. It always tastes the same. No matter whether you go to a MickieD in Portland or Dallas, the hamburger is going to taste the same.

Well, people are a herd.

apocalyptic novel

It’s the end of the world…click on this cover!

But, consider this in light of the books that people read?

Why are certain authors popular?

Because they write so that there are no surprises. When people pick up  a book they know how it is going to go, how it is going to end.

They don’t want to be surprised, they just want the world to not shake. They don’t want surprises. They want everything to hold still.

Doesn’t say much for man, does it?

But, now you know why there isn’t a Will Shakespeare these days. Now you know why all the books are the same, and there isn’t any originality.

heck, just a few decades ago we were reading things like Dune, and Johnathon Livingston Seagull, and Catch 22, and so on.

Now there isn’t even anything like even those books.

Not a Godfather is coming down the literary pike.

People have become the same, you see. They read Hardy Boy type novels, secure that Frank and Joe will get rescued by their father and Chet Morton will whine and cry and make them feel like they are better and therefore important and the world won’t shake because they have to do something out of their comfort zone.

So, in Machina I destroy reality.

Have you ever wondered about reality? Do you know what it is? Do you know how to shake it up a bit, change it, destroy it?

Well, don’t bother. Just go on back to MacDonalds and grab a hamburger and eat it while your eyes peer about, alert for the shifting of reality, holding everything still so you don’t get lost, lullabying you.

That’s Machina, and you’d better not find out anything about it on Amazon.

Heck, donm’t even find out that it is so big it had to come in two parts, or that it needed a prequel just to get the reader to the point where he can accept a reality that shakes and shakes and threatens to go…somewhere.


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