Release of ‘Monster Killer!’


Just released a new book, ‘Monster Killer.’

This is a BIG tale, a ‘monster’ of a tale, if you’ll forge my punning. It’s 150,000 words.

The central theme of the book is simple: a man dies and goes to a small town in Matah Montana. Matah has gone crazy, people inventing new and clever ways of killing people.

So what’s causing the killing? A monster. The only problem is the monster isn’t the problem…it’s the solution.

Ask yourself, if this monster is so horrific, then what has it been summoned to deal with? And how horrific is this other thing that it needs a monster to deal with it?

Of course, that leaves the dead man. He doesn’t know who he is, he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do, but thing is sure…the monster is coming for him. And he doesn’t even know why that is happening!

This was one of my first books, many years ago. I originally published it as ‘The north Mansion.’ The only problem was that I published it, but through some twist of fate it never got released.

So here it is, the best and biggest monster in the world, all fresh and ready to crunch on bones, eat souls, and lay waste to good, old planet earth.

You’re welcome.

Here’s the link…MONSTER KILLER!

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