Release of New Werewolf Love Story

Lobo Love ~ A Werewolf Romance

a tale of love…and a shotgun filled with dimes.
Sarah Brightman is out walking in the Alaskan wilderness when she comes across a man chained to a tree. The man’s name is Johnny, and he says he is a werewolf.

werewolf romance

Great Werewolf Story

Sarah knows there is no such thing as Werewolves.
Then she is chased through the wilderness by some very furry psychotics.
Johnny, you see, belongs to Lativia, a vicious sort of gal with eight nipples, and Lativia wants her handsome Johnny back in the pack.
What Lativia hasn’t figured on is Sarah, and the power of love…lobo love!

Check out Lobo Love at Amazon. Kindle or paperback.

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