The Reality of Writing Novels

The Real Stories Behind the Stories

Sometimes i just wake up in the middle of the night, maybe I am in the middle of a dream, and I start writing a fast as I can.

But there are several of my books which had direct inspiration from real life events.

science fiction horror novelPack is based upon the fact that the CIA used to sell LSD to college kids back in the sixties. Further, they were active in experimenting on people with their ‘designer drugs.’

Twisted Gods was inspired by  the fact that the United States spread flu germs in the fifties by dropping light bulbs in subways. They wanted to see how fast the flu spread, how viable the method was for biological warfare.

One of my later books, The Day the President Killed the United States, is based upon the executive orders that recent Presidents have signed into law, executive orders that are highly illegal and, if ever implemented, would make slavs of the people of the United States.

Nice government we have, eh?

Anyway, there are a lot of other real life events behind my books. I’ll tell you more of them later.

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