Real Martial Arts in Novel!

I thought long and hard before crafting Yancy Yelkins. I wanted a tough guy who was original. I ended up with a combination of Clint Eastwood and Popeye. Squint eyed, strong jawed, and…short.

And short is why he knows the martial arts so well. you see, the human body is actually designed for most efficient action between five and five and a half feet. That’s the height at which all muscles are best suited to the length of limb and function to the max.

Now, the real fun came about when I had to design martial arts for aliens. Earth type bodies, but alien ways of thinking, a whole new logic to fighting. The result is quite interesting. A bow legged Texan who can actually go up against fighting systems that are literally millions of years old, fighting systems in which the fighters are genetically altered and implanted with fighting knowledge.

Man, it’s a hell of a fight…and with earth at stake…man!

It’s called Yancy, and it’s part of the Monkeyland Epic. Check out the tab in th emenu at the top of the page. Bring your gloves.

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