Publication of The Bomber’s Story: The Bomber

Just Released ~ The Bomber’s Story part one!

I read the conspiracy theories, have followed them for decades. So how much truth is in them? Is it hoax? Is Jesse Ventura full of it?

In Bomber’s Story (part one) I lay out the real history of earth.

I use three books as the main sources. The Gods of Eden by William Bramley, Our Secret Rulers by Eustace Mullins, and the bible.

epic conspiracy thriller

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These books actually contain a complete history of planet earth, the trick is to combine them so they make sense, so they make one, solid timeline.

Were there aliens on earth long ago?

Is the planet run by banksters?

Is war and disease merely a coin used by the ruling elite to keep earthlings in chains?

The Bomber’s Story manages to put questions such as these on a timeline, thus, if you think about it, proving them.

So check out The Bomber’s Story. It’s on Amazon, and available on kindle or paperback. Read it, and then consider whether you still believe the fairy tales that went for history in your high school history classes.

At the cry least, it is going to be the most exciting, breakneck, conspiracy thriller you have ever read.

The Bomber’s Story (part one) is part of the Monkeyland Epic. While it is part of a mammoth science fiction series, it can be read by itself.



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