This page is dedicated to the poetry of Al Case.

The only poetry in published form is Neutropia. This is a unique look at poetry.

Al used to go to poetry readings. When he read the classically constructed poetry nobody cared. Then he would ask for a number between 1 and 200, and read the page coinciding with that number. People became fascinated, involved, hung on every word.

And, aside from the gimmick of creating listener involvement, this is some fine work. Very universal, very melodic. It sometimes reminds one of Al’s songs.

Here is a list of his poetry, a few examples of which will be published on this site in the near future.

  1. each poem is a riddle
  2. The Mite of Boy
  3. Thoughts of a Mummy
  4. The Library
  5. The Angel
  6. Midget
  7. Celtic Thoughts
  8. The Cross and the Sword
  9. Trebuchet
  10. I’ve got a Dog
  11. When I Spread My Wings
  12. the shape of light
  13. little mouse
  14. the ghosts of mars
  15. eternal night
  16. scattered winds
  17. Death in Twos
  18. Neutronic Fable
  19. The Beast Before Man
  20. Big Fog
  21. choices of Two
  22. Ebola
  23. End of Life
  24. Explain Something
  25. Hummingbird Style
  26. I Prayed to God One Day
  27. Little Red Riding Hood
  28. Looking Out
  29. Mud on Feet
  30. Pieces of Skin
  31. Sing Insane
  32. Sometimes I Stand
  33. Spreading Oak
  34. The Far, High Wind
  35. The Archer
  36. The Board
  37. The Names of God
  38. I Only Sing When I’m Insane
  39. The Peacock
  40. The Pharoah’s Whore
  41. Tock
  42. Werewolf
  43. What is True
  44. Writer’s Block
  45. Wife
  46. The Unbendable Disease
  47. Why Oh Why Is It Only I
  48. The Beast Has Come
  49. How Old Can I Be
  50. I Am All
  51. The Spider
  52. Born in a World Without Love
  53. Supermart
  54. Sweet Nothings in the Dark
  55. Making Love in the Graveyard
  56. The Peacock
  57. The Real Story of Little Red Riding Hood
  58. To Fly Hummingbird Style
  59. After the Beast
  60. Your Soul
  61. How I Died and Never Went to Heaven
  62. passerby
  63. afterlife
  64. the angel
  65. celtic thoughts
  66. desperate hearts
  67. the ant stopped
  68. when i spread my wings
  69. the library
  70. phases
  71. the fluttering god
  72. Almost Poem
  73. Balloon
  74. Beyond Hands
  75. Devil Poem
  76. Hide Nazis
  77. Your Soul is My Soul
  78. The Real Body
  79. To Wake

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