The Perfect Plot for the Ultimate Conspiracy

The Perfect Crime for the Perfect Plot

When I wrote The Bomber’s Story I had in mind making the perfect plot, or, in other words, how to commit the perfect crime.

What go me started on this was reading about a bank robbery up in Northern California.

A fellow took a little, remote toy truck and wrapped up some tubes so that it looked like it was carrying a load of dynamite.

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Then he ran the truck through the gate and into the yard of a propane company.

Man, the town went bonkers. Every cop showed up, people were running around like crazy, families were getting evacuated.

And, while this was going on, the fellow who had built the truck drove to the other side of town, walked into a bank, and cleaned it out.

Then he drove out the only road in town.

The cops finally figured out that the dynamite was a fake, and realized it was just a ploy so a guy could rob a bank. So they set up road blocks at the next town that the only road led to. They thought they had the guy, but, hour after hour, nobody shows up!

So they drive up the road, and he’s disappeared.

A week later somebody finds a stolen car parked deep in the brush. The guy had apparently had a canoe stashed along the river, and while the police went crazy and ulled out all the stops to find him, he floated down the river.

Doubtless with a six pack or his favorite and delightfully chilled beverage.

I don’t believe he was ever caught.

So I thought long and hard about setting up perfect crimes, and I came up with a number of them. But the one in The Bomber’s Story was the best. I know it seems a bit out there, but the idea is for the bad guy to walk away from the crime. And in Bomber’s Story Bob, the bomber, certainly walks. He even becomes a bit beloved for his crime.

And it helps when you find out the story behind the bomber, and realize that there are degrees of badness, and that…what the heck else is Bob going to do after he…after he learns what he learns.

But now we are going too far, and you need to read it for yourself.

Have a good read.


The Bomber’s Story, the story of the perfect crime, is available on Kindle and paper at amazon.

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