Pack Vents Rage!

Pack is a sci fi horror novel

The CIA experiments with DNA, and finds something hiding in the genes of man.

science fiction horror novelA new race is born, stronger, faster, smarter, and the CIA decides they need to terminate this new race.

The new race, the ‘Pack,’ however, has other ideas.

Thus, the reader is taken through an extrapolation of new ideas, ideas in which mankind plays second place, in which new technology is born, in which the true psychic abilities of man, as bred by the Pack, are plumbed.

But, there are horrors waiting in this new technology. Horrors of sex and death, of what is the real solution, as seen by a superior race, for this warlike, doom and gloom race called man.

The fun thing about Pack is that it takes place in Los Altos, which happens to be the town in which the author grew up in.

How twisted was that upraising? You might get an idea when you watch him take this normal little town and rape and kill it. What’s really sick is that you’ll enjoy it!

But, that is just gratuitous, because at the end of pack is a finale so sublime, so other world, that the reader will be extremely sorry he put the book down.

That’s Pack, on Amazon ~ There’s a new race in town!

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