Now About The Ending of The Stand!

I’m a Stephen King fan. I think The Stand is the greatest horror novel ever written. Up until Machina, of course. Now my one problem with The Stand is the ending. I just felt it was to sudden, not enough build up through the novel, out of the blue, and so on.

Mind you, I don’t discourage you from reading this fine work. Please read it, see if you agree.

Anyway, I had this in mind when I wrote Machina. I wanted a strong ending. Thus, Katie bar the door,  the end of the world  at hand, Machina has the best ending ever written.

Hey, go ahead and read it. See if you agree.

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  1. alison hobbs says:

    O how I agree! Stephen king books are exciting and well written but the endings…… The words “scooby doo” come to mind. Does Mr. King just get tired of writing and so bring the novel to a premature end or maybe he has a holiday booked and needs to pack. Either way I now expect a disappointing ending to an excellent story, shame.

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