When the White Dove Speaks

The Ultimate Christmas Carol!

dickens christmas carolJack Mackie is a manager in a turkey plant. He fills orders and makes sure everybody gets a turkey for Christmas.

On the day the shipping season ends he is riding the train home…and it crashes. 

Now Jack Mackie is dead. A living, walking, talking…ghost.

And he has company: a crooked cop, a whore, a juvenile delinquent, and the meanest, nastiest, old lady you never want to meet. I mean…she’s a Republican!

Now Jack has to lead these people, and a few dozen other ghosts, to Washington to save the world. The President is about to push The Button, and only Jack and his group can stop him.

If they can get into the White House, if they can fight off the Dream Eaters, if they can figure out how to make the living hear them, if they can stave off more doctors and lawyers than you can shake a stick at…

If…they can ignore the headlines on the newspaper in Jack Mackie’s pocket:


In one of the most stupendous failures of modern times, Jack Mackie has failed to save the world. Making wrong decisions right from the outset, Jack failed to guide his group of people to Washington.

In Washington, the President is mere moments away from launching a nuclear strike that will destroy civilization. There will be starvation and sickness, and mankind will become extinct. There is some argument as to whether the next race to inherit the earth will be dogs or monkeys.

As far as Jack and his group go, we’ve already forgotten them.



Where This Story Came From…

I just wanted to write something o rival Dickens’ Christmas Carol. I wanted something that people would buy, year after year, every Christmas, forever. Simple dream, eh?

BUT, the real story is what happened when I sent this story out to book publishers, agents, and such.

A couple of companies asked for the manuscript. One was located in Los Angeles, don’t recall their name now, but I sent them the full manuscript. And waited.

A few weeks went by and I get a phone call. It is the secretary for this company.

“Mr. Case, White Dove is awesome. I’m actually slow in getting back to you because the readers kept passing it back and forth. It’s got quite the buzz on it, could be a movie, and we’re sending it up to the boss. We expect to be giving you a call early next week.”

Dazed, I hung up the phone. Wow! Finally! I had started writing out of high school, this was thirty years of work, could it finally be happening?

Next week came. I stared at the phone. The week passed.

Another week came and went.

I called up the company.

“Mr. Case, I’m sorry. The boss doesn’t like your novel.”

Click. End of dream.

But I just had to laugh.

This guy had a company. He hired people to read. They all liked it. Heck, they LOVED it. So why did the ‘boss’ hire these guys? If he isn’t going to listen to ALL OF THEM…then WTF?

Anyway, that is just one of many adventures with the corporate publishers in America.

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 When the White Dove Speaks

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