There is something hiding in the DNA of man!

science fiction horror novelNick Stavros was a college kid. He liked football, he had a girlfriend, and life looked pretty good…then the CIA started messing around with his DNA. Now he is something else. something faster, smarter, and with strange abilities. And he’s not alone.

There’s a new race in town!

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 Where this novel came from!

The answer is: old movies…the CIA…sex.

Old Movies

I am a big fan of old sci-fi fi. And, I love werewolves.

Look, people can be sewn back together and be monsters. And, people can be dead in spirit, and yet among us. 

But the werewolf is my favorite critter. The werewolf is a sad sack suddenly released into ultimate rage. He gets mad…and he gets even! And he’s got the claws to do it.

From Lon Chaney to Wolverine, the werewolf is king.

I had just finished one of my mammoth series and was thinking about books to write. Oddly, usually I am guided by dreams. I dream something, get up at four in the morning and can’t stop writing for a couple of months.

I am just driven.

With the werewolf I didn’t dream, but, man, was I driven! I just wanted to write a werewolf novel, and I got busy.

And, for those of you who really want to know, read an obscure, little novel called ‘Slan.’

What people don’t realize is that while the movie makers are making the same old same old, relying on CGI FX to wow the audience, they are missing the boat.

There are scores…HUNDREDS…of cheap novels, and even pulps, that will challenge their FX and still tell a ripping, gripping story.



One of the problems I faced was how to start the disease. Curses had been done to death. So…hmmm.

And I came up with the CIA.

The CIA has been experimenting on people, citizens of the US, for about as long as they have been in business. OR CIA contemporaries.

During the forties black men were injected with syphillis.

During the 50s cities were the target of influenza attacks. Light bulbs would be dropped in subways, or other crowded places, and the spread of the disease would be charted.

During the 60s LSD was experimented with in an attempt to make berserker soldiers. And, I should add, once the effects of the drug was known, to break up organized resistance to the government’s Viet Nam policies.

During the 70s we have MK ULTRA (men who can kill goats).

In the 80s, these things being found out, the CIA, or complimentary agency, went under ground. Hid their experiments. And if you don’t think they aren’t still going on, then you’re stupid. In the upcoming years we will see the effects of their work. Babies designed to be workers. Microchip implants to control populations. And so on.

With this glorious history, and future, in mind, I used the CIA to begin my own ‘werewolf plague.’



People have an inordinate fear of sex. Don’t talk about, it’s dirty, learn about it in the bathroom. Or worse, learn about it from politically driven teachers.

One of the biggest horror stories out there is sexually driven. STDs. AIDS. A plague that straddles the human race and rides it for all its worth.

So why can’t anybody write about sex as a horror concept? And, of course, the answer is obvious: It’s Porn! (screams the Fearbodies).

In Pack I use sex. I had to transmit ‘werewolf plague,’ and sex was just the perfect vehicle.

But, oddly, you will find that I don’t use it indiscriminately. Some people, after all, one just shouldn’t have sex with.

But you will see sex run rampant in the beginning. All I can say is have faith. The cure for mindless breeding comes later in the book. Of course, by then you will be a cowering, feeble, drooling fool, contaminated by my rutting book, my excuse for porn. Heck, you might even go blind and have hair growing on your paws…

One Last Thing…

I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I grew up in Los Altos. I moved in to a house on San Felicia Way in the early fifties, when Los Altos was nothing but apricot orchard from El Camino to town.

They didn’t have irrigation systems back then, so they simply flooded the fields. We played in apricot ‘paddies,’ all summer long. Great fun.

Then they built all those stupid houses, and it got so expensive I couldn’t afford to live there.

Anyway, I always wanted to destroy Los Altos. No real maliciousness here, just a fun mind game of sorts. Kill off the town I was raised in. He he he.

In Pack I get to have my fun.


That’s the skinny, Minnie, so go ahead and risk your sanity and find out more by clicking on this Amazon link…



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