Monster Killer

originally titled ‘The North Mansion;

Monster Killer

…just when you thought it was safe to read a book…

The sheriff runs his dog through a meat grinder.
The cook in the town restaurant holds an impromptu barbecue, with himself on the grill. A trucker drives his eighteen wheeler through a house.

In the small town of Matah, Montana the people have gone mad. With knife and gun, or whatever implement they can find, they invent new ways to murder and die, and they laugh the whole time.

A monster is coming to the town. It is watching all the murder, and helping it happen. It is inside the people’s minds, making them kill, making them laugh, making them die.

The monster must be the source of all the death and insanity, right? Nope. The monster isn’t the problem…it’s the solution!

Welcome to a BIG (150,000 word) horror extravaganza.

About the Author: Al Case has written over two million words, including his own column, thousands of articles, training manuals, short stories, books on math and language and philosophy and, of course, novels. Horror has always been one of his favorite genres, and Monster Killer is his big, state of the art, in your face, epic saga.

It is available in paperback or kindle, so click on Monster Killer to find out more.


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