The Day They Bombed the Hell Out of Los Angeles

Could the Boston Bombers happen to Other Cities?

Terrorism is one of the most frightening events facing American citizens.

9/11 changed the world, and now we are suspicious not only of foreigners, but of American born citizens.

Young men, armed with nothing more than a school backpack, can be the source of incredible death and destruction.

How can this happen? How can the land of the Free become the target of the insane?

In this book, The Day They Bombed the Hell out of Los Angeles, this question is explored, and answers are sought.

Two brothers, raised Christian in Los Angeles, find themselves going over to the dark side. This is their story, and if you read it, you may understand something of what has been happening to the United States, and maybe even what you can do to forestall these horrific acts of terrorism that are overtaking us.

Read The Day They Bombed the Hell Out of Los Angeles.

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