New Book on Teaching Children to Write!

The new book is titled,

‘How to Teach How to Write (The Write Way)’

It is short and sweet, built around the author’s own experiences as a tutor, his own method for how to fix children who have been educationally abused, and teach them how to absolutely LOVE writing.

homeschool writing bookGot a child that is allergic to the pen?

Are you tired of the ‘Do I have to?’ whining?

Here’s your solution.

BUT, it is not just for children. It is for anybody who wishes to learn a five star approach to writing.

AND, it has the complete five star text for ‘Blood and Ink,’ the author’s personal method on being a professional writer. It details how to write, how to get published, and all in a unique viewpoint that – guaranteed – has not been seen before.

Here’s the odd thing: the author barely graduated from high school, and quickly left college. Yet he became a professional writer. He did it not by what he (never) learned in the educational institutions, but by forging a unique personality and methodology that, after you read the book, you will wish the schools had.

Guaranteed: use this book and your children will learn to write quickly, rapidly, and easily. There will be no more resisting, and they will shortly develop an absolute LOVE for the written word.

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