This page is dedicated to the music of Al Case.

Interesting, Al only recorded a couple of his songs. He was classically trained on the piano and taught himself guitar. He went through periods where he wrote classical compositions for the piano, worked on more popular themes, but generally considered himself a VERY poor musician. Which is interesting when you heard the one song he did allow people to hear.

The reason he felt so poorly about himself musically was that he knew he was putting his heart and soul in the Martial Arts. Music, even writing, was more of a hobby to him. Something to keep him sane in the face of violence as he solved the martial arts.

And, he realized that his unique creativity was not for everybody. Sometimes the song would be like poetry, sometimes the song would be genre resistant. Always he wrote, composed, for himself, following the muse, not caring what others thought.

That said, check out ‘Radio Blues,’ a very commercial song which he wrote and arranged, then paid a couple of extremely talented musicians to add their talents to the thing. The result is rather surprising.


Here are the titles to some of his songs.


Sweet Nothings

Radio Blues

A World Without Love

Sleeping Beauty

Shadow Man


Whispering Stone

Bad Man on the Run

Porcupine Love

Making Love on the Moon

The Ant People

Big house

The Other Side of Hello

End of Summer


The Big Lonely




Dreams are Made of You

The Mole LKing

The Lady is a Pilot

Love on an Alien World

Remind Me

Highway Blues

Take Me Away

Run with the Moon

Strange Dreams


Dead Man’s Lie

Monkey Love

I’ll Still Love You Tomorrow

A Little Dream

Empty Rooms

Full Moon Arise


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