Murdering People Keeps Me Sane

Nothing Like a Good Killing to Make Me Smile

It’s true…I kill somebody, maybe stab them in a rage, maybe throw acid in their face, maybe just take a power drill and drill holes in them until they leak red, and I feel good.

Of course, I wouldn’t recommend it for everybody.

Some people would start doing it to their friends, or even enemies.

But when I write some well crafted paragraph where death occurs quite joyously, then I have done my job as a writer.

end of the world apocalypse

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And, having vented my insanity, it makes me safe for others.

After all, I do it in my imagination, and then the desire to do it for real leaks out, and I am left with the appearance of sanity.

But, am I sane?

It is an interesting question.

Sanity, if you think about it, is when you do things the same way that everybody else does. Do things differently, and you are insane.

That is the common and popular belief, even if not overtly stated.

So your neighbor calls you an idiot for letting your dog pee on his roses.

You get in a fight, the police are called, you are charged with assault, you get sued…that’s what everybody does.

If you don’t believe me, then just read the papers.

I, on the other hand, take a dislike to somebody, I write about it, I kill them. I rape their wife and slaughter their children. I even go to the old folk’s home and blow up their parents, along with everybody else in the jello factory.

Yippee! I’m insane! And I don’t go to jail, and, if I’m good, I EVEN MAKE MONEY FROM ALL THE CRIME AND DISASTER I AM SHARING ABOUT!

Okey dokey. Here’s what one doofus had to say about ‘The Haunting of House.’

‘… as someone who always figures out where a plot is going ten pages in, I could never really guess which bizarre twist was next…’

That’s cause he’s sane and I’m not! Poor guy. But, I thank him for appreciating my insanity.

The Haunting of House is available at Amazon, Createspace, and you can even order it at Barnes and Nibble.

So, have a great day, and do the world a favor…kill somebody, even if only yourself. It will make the world a better place.

Click on:

The Haunting of House

to find out more.

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