The Lonestar Revolt

The Lonestar Revolt

This book, and the ones after it in the series, are available on kindle, email me if you want it in paperback and I’ll hurry up.

What if a Hitler ran for office in Texas?

A Hitler takes over Texas. Would you vote for him?

A Hitler takes over Texas. Would you vote for him?

Doctor Brown is a hard working family man. And he’s black. Oops. Now he and his family are on a one way trip to Shark city. How can this happen? Well, it is actually the logical extension of a jailbreak and the greatest assassination of all time.

There is a madman loose, you see, and he will do anything, absolutely anything, to  rule planet earth.

And the only thing standing between him and his dream of conquest isa single Los Angeles detective.

On a warm night Davis will be brought to Texas and introduced to the man who will kill him.

What neither the hitler nor Davis know is that somebody from Monkeyland is coming to the meeting.

Monkeyland, the only thing standing between freedom and slavery on planet Earth.


Can One Man Save Planet Earth?

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