Monkeyland the Latest Sci Fi Epic

Monkeyland to be Sci Fi classic

Monkeyland starts out with an act of terror. Acts of terror, however, have a way of breeding. It isn’t long before planet earth is involved in an honest to goodness revolution. Who are the people of earth revolting against? The masters they never knew existed.

epic science fiction classicA six volume series, (Bomber’s Story is so big it comes in two parts), Monkeyland was actually inspired by the legendary space opera ‘The Lensman Series.’

The Lensman series follows man through the ages to the ultimate evolution of mankind.

The Monkeyland series unravels alienic influence, back tracking through history, until the ultimate truth of mankind is revealed.

The author of The Lensman series was a highly educated scientist.

Al Case, the author of the Monkeyland Series, is a martial artist, and brings a zen influence to the writing.

What is interesting is that the Monkeyland series was written with no outline, no rough draft, nothing. It just sprouted, a complete and full fledged story of amazing depth.

The Monkeyland Series, a sci fi epic that is designed to be classic, written by Al Case. It is available on Kindle, and the first books have been published on Createspace.

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